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We prefer you to call prior to visiting and where ever possible to make an appointment.

Should you have a request that cannot be satisfied off the shelf we will do our utmost to meet your requirements, just ask!

Our Services

  • Specialist rifle sale                            

  • New and second hand rifles and shotguns   

  • Large selection of ammunition for airguns, rim fire and centre fire in a large variety of calibres

  • Firearms repairs, servicing, renovation and cleaning

  • Firearms storage facilities

  • Secure Gun transportation

  • RFD to RFD transfers

  • Shooting supplies ; scopes, gun safes, cleaning equipment, decoys and camouflage 

  • Assistance with completion of application forms       

  • Firearms Safety Instruction

Our Message

Shooting is a thrilling experience demanding concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions. Hunting and shooting have been practised for many centuries and, in some areas, are an integral part of British rural culture.

The number of firearm certificates issued in England and Wales continues to  increase.  Dyfed Powys is the most armed area of UK - but there is of course no need to worry, as the area also has one of the lowest levels of gun crime.

Certificate renewal? Application forms? 

Shotguns, Rifles & Ammunition 

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Mid Wales and Shropshire