Bespoke Hand Crafted Shotgun Stocks

A bespoke hand made stock, skillfully carved with care and precision from a well figured piece of walnut is a joy to use and a thing of beauty.

We offer...

  • Stock repairs

  • Alterations

  • New stocks, new forends


Repairs are sometimes needed due to cracks and breakage.

Refinishing needed due to scratches or general wear.

Re-chequering due to damage or wear.

Alterations and Re-cast including adding a comb raiser.

Complete restock

Most factory guns are generally made to standard dimensions and  because gun owners come in all shapes and sizes it is very important that your shotgun fits you well. We can shape your gun to fit you.

As every request is different, standard quotes don't apply. We would ask you to bring you gun in for a individual quote.


Hand carved from beautiful pieces from locally sourced, indigenous  walnut to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. No mass production. Everything is hand made, keeping alive traditional skills.

Shotguns, Rifles & Ammunition 

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Mid Wales and Shropshire