Rifles, Shotguns and Air Guns

We offer a wide choice of products at competitive prices.  We supply rifles, shotguns and air guns.  We will help you to choose the right gun, and ensure the gun fits and is exactly what you need. We can order any rifle or shotgun in any calibre, big brand names including Sauer, Weihrauch, ATA, Kofs, Benelli, Heym, Blaser, Sako, Tikka, Anschutz, FX, Bergara, Steyr Mannlicher, Browning, Winchester, CZ, Webley & Scott, Beretta and many others......

An experienced hunter knows how crucial it is to be able to spot and stalk timid animals from a distance. Not only do animals have a highly developed sense of smell, they also have exceptional hearing and sight: keeping your distance whilst stalking or lamping is a must. Therefore we supply all kinds of shooting and hunting scopes, including rifle scopes, spotting scopes, thermal and night vision scopes, scope mounts, lamps and binoculars.

Shooting and Hunting Scopes

Camouflage equipment and decoys are essential for a successful day out hunting to enable you to blend into the scenery when pigeon and duck shooting. A variety of animal species are attracted to game callers and their success depends on producing a convincing enough reproduction of an animal’s calls to convince a game animal to come to them.

Camouflage Equipment

Our Products

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We stock a large selection of rim fire and centre fire ammunition such as Eley, Norma, RWS, Geco, Federal, CCI, Hornady, Sako, Lapua, Sellier & Bellot and more.  We also stock Airgun pellets such as RWS, Air Arms Diabolo, Sovereign and Webley Accupell.  We are stockist of Reload Swiss Powders and stock a good selection of bullets and primers in different calibres. On request we will supply reloading equipment.  We are adding new lines to our product range all the time but should you have a request that cannot be satisfied off the shelf we will do our utmost to meet your requirements. 



Powys Guns offer a broad range of firearm maintenance products and bore cleaners, specifically formulated to remove all types of fouling and residue, as well as providing various options for lubrication and protection for your firearm(s). To help protect firearms from rust and corrosion, and effectively neutralize the acids from airborne salts, fingerprints and perspiration contact.

Maintenance Products



Repairs and maintenance 


  • We can test, repair and service most equipment. From a basic check to a full service, we will undertake work on shotguns, rifles, and all types of air rifles.

  • A dirty gun is potentially dangerous, so regular gun care will  give you the reassurance of a successful shooting season.

  • Trigger adjustment, threading and re-crowning, stock work, these are some of the most common jobs undertaken.

  • In the rare event that something is beyond our capabilities we will find the best company for the job.

Storage Facilities


Whether you are moving house or having licensing issues, we offer secure and safe storage of your Shotguns and or Firearms.  We offer our help and guidance on licensing issues.

Firearms Safety Course


Subjects will include knowledge and understanding of types of firearms and the law, skills required to undertake basic rifle, shotgun shooting and obviously safe handling of a firearm or shotgun. This is an ideal course for the beginner or novice shooter.


Commission Sales


If you have decided you want to sell your gun, for an agreed fee we will advertise it for you and deal with the relevant paperwork that is required by law when buying or selling firearms or shotguns.

And of course we stock British made sound moderators by Wildcat, as well as other makes,  bipods and tripods, slings and swivels, cartridge bags and belts, knives and machetes, and hearing protection. Although we currently do not stock any clothing or footwear range, we will happily deal with any enquiries on a special order basis.

Other Accessories

Warranty and Returns


When supplying new, unused products these are covered by full manufacturer’s warranty.  Different products carry different manufacturer’s warranty. All warranties are limited to cover manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials only. Goods to be returned will only be accepted with prior authorisation from us. 

Shotguns, Rifles & Ammunition 

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